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Recognized for her unyielding dedication, Maria V. Primushko, Esq. stands out as an accomplished attorney and specializes in the areas of Estate Planning, Personal Injury, and Bankruptcy law.

She began her legal career at the St. Petersburg district attorney’s office in Russia in the late 90’s. After earning her Bachelor's in Jurisprudence, she moved to Los Angeles. She mastered English as her second language and secured her Juris Doctor’s degree from the University of West Los Angeles. Despite navigating a new country and new language, all while caring for a newborn, she passed the California Bar Exam on her first attempt. Shortly after obtaining her license, she worked with The Los Angeles City Attorney’s office and volunteered as public counsel before establishing her legal practice.

Now, Maria Primushko brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her practice. She is recognized for her ability and dedication to tailor legal strategies and meet the unique needs of her clients. Her way of providing personalized, client-focused representation sets her apart in the legal community.

Maria V. Primushko, Esq.

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